Work experience with Niche Magazine

Read about our latest work experience placement from Farah Ghouri who joined our editorial team earlier this year.

After more than 12 months away from the sight of any office (I took a sabbatical from my job in consulting before the national lockdown was imposed), I was ever so slightly apprehensive about what to expect from a week-long internship with Niche Magazine. 

Once I got into the socially distanced office though I felt right at home. Plenty of snacks, chats about the best Netflix shows and the unexpected views of horseracing on the Leicester racecourse all made for a warm welcome.

Best of all Kerry, the editor of Niche Magazine, trusted me to get stuck in straight away with creating content for the exciting new Real Entrepreneurs Magazine and researching information for stories in Niche Magazine.

Very quickly I found myself on the phone speaking with local businesses.

Whoever thinks that business reporting is just all numbers and suits is downright wrong.

Instead, what I discovered during these interviews were inspiring stories of real people dealing with personal struggles of every kind, from failed marriages to the loss of a loved one, on the way to success.

Each entrepreneur shared their journey in candid detail with me in the knowledge that their hard won lessons could help other would-be entrepreneurs.

My internship at Niche was the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience in business journalism, see the hard work that goes into creating the magazine, and learn.

As I start my master's in Financial and Business Journalism at City, University of London, I’m more excited than ever about business stories.


Written by Farah Ghouri

Brought up in Leicester, Farah is a former consultant now studying Financial Journalism at City, University of London. She is passionate about telling the human stories in business, technology and finance. She enjoys running a bookclub, baking and learning to read, and speaks in her parents' mother tongue of Urdu.