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BBC sports presenter and charity founder take ice baths in prep for 5 marathons

Training has begun for the round-the-world marathons.

BBC sports presenter and Bodie Hodges Foundation ambassador Ian Stringer and the charity's founder Nick Hodges are in training for their run five marathons in five continents in five days, which they're currently training for.

In August, Ian and Nick will be running marathons in Bangkok, Sydney, Santiago, New York, and Leicester.

They're currently attempting to run 130miles around Leicester in one week as part of their marathon training. In order to do so, the pair needed an ice bath to properly stretch off and provide recovery benefits, conditioning their muscles ready for their five marathons around the world.

Leicester company Bakers Waste donated a Bakers blue bin to aid Ian and Nick in their running challenge helping raise funds for the charity, which offers bereavement support for families in Leicester.

Bakers Waste has sponsored the pair in their running challenge and has become an official partner of the charity for the next year supporting Bodie Hodges Foundation in its fundraising efforts.

Bakers Waste Managing Director, Paul Baker, said: “Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we have always strived to stay true to our roots and support the local communities who support us every day.

"A big part of this is and always will be looking to independent, local charity organisations and seeing how we can use our position to offer support.

"I am extremely proud that Bodie Hodges Foundation will be the latest addition to this tradition. A relatively new charity, but one we have heard of on numerous occasions and always fondly.

"I look forward to Bakers Waste sharing our calendar of fundraising events over the next 12 months and developing the partnership we have with Bodie Hodges for many years to come."

Ian Stringer and Nick Hodges taking ice baths

Bakers Waste be sharing a calendar of fundraising events soon asking for local people and business to support for the charity.

With a generous budget set for fundraising events and an additional day of annual leave for Bakers Waste staff to take part in them, the company is well equipped to support the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland based charity in 2021/ 2022.

Nick said: “As a small but ambitious charity, the Bodie Hodges Foundation are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a well-established and respected company as Bakers Waste.

"Since first approaching Bakers Waste for help with our 5 Continent Challenge we have received great support, with Bakers Waste becoming our first official corporate sponsor for the event.

"We are therefore delighted that we have now been able to develop this relationship into an official charity partnership that will see us work together closely over the coming months to help us to continue to support families bereaved of a child."


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