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Brand agency partners with UK’s top ranking upstart energy supplier

The partnership aims to create a sustainable future for businesses.

Champions' CEO John Hayes and Managing Director Matthew Hayes

Midlands-based businesses have formed a partnership to boost the profile of the UK’s top ranking energy supplier in customer satisfaction.

Branding and communications agency Champions (UK) plc joins energy provider Outfox the Market.

The new partnership will build on Outfox the Martket's positive customer satisfaction the company came in at the highest rank of the Which? annual energy survey for customer satisfaction.

Outfox the Market is already in a favourable position after reaching the top spot in the accredited list, outperforming the likes of the Big Six energy companies, including names such as British Gas and Npower.

The energy company’s reputation for providing excellent customer service is just one of the reasons Champions’ managing director, Matthew Hayes, believes the partnership is the perfect fit for the brand moving forward.

He explains: “At Champions, the quality of service we provide to our clients is a pivotal part of our approach and business model. Each one of our services is underpinned by a human-to-human ethos, ensuring that the pride and care we bring to our work is communicated to our customers.

“We see and understand the people on the other end of the phone, or screen these days, and go above and beyond to provide a solution-focused service.

"With Outfox the Market taking a parallel stance to ensure its customers’ needs are met to a similar standard, we are sure this new partnership is the right fit for us both.”

Outfox the Market's Maria and Keith Bastian

The company has a focus on offering a renewable energy supply. Since the company’s launch in 2017, it has become one of the go-to suppliers for customers’ seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

As the UK pledges to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Outfox the Market’s offering of 100% renewable, clean wind energy, generated from offshore UK windfarms, is not only benefitting the environment but the domestic economy too.

The new partnership will strengthen both businesses’ efforts towards a sustainable future, with Champions having already formed close ties with the likes of Delta Global and Smarter Technologies as well as with Outfox the Market’s sister company, Fischer Future Heat.

Expressing his enthusiasm on the alliance with Champions, Keith Bastian, CEO of the Leicestershire based energy company said: “We are excited to be working with another like-minded business in the Leicester area.

“With Champions’ expertise and reach, we will be able to raise awareness of our offering at both a local and national level, providing more people with access to a fair, value for money alternative energy supply that can help reduce their carbon footprints and allow them to join the fight to combat the climate crisis. Whilst always receiving the excellent customer service that remains our central focus.”


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