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Life as an Editorial Associate Intern for Niche Magazine at Cross Productions

The personal growth I gained through the experience.

Niche Magazine intern Levitha Biji

Interning at Cross Productions' bi-monthly publication Niche Magazine has taught me cross-cultural skills and qualities, providing me with greater knowledge and understanding of how a magazine works explicitly relating to editorial, marketing, sales, and public relations.

I established newfound confidence in myself and my abilities strengthening my career development.

I was given a warm welcome in August by the editor of the magazine Kerry Smith who was my supervisor, and the whole team, which made me even more excited to dive straight into the field.

After spending the first week of my six-week internship, it was clear to me how professional the working environment was, and more importantly, how everyone in the team treated each other like family.

Levitha (second from the left) at the Niche Business Awards 2021with the Cross Productions team

What I did in my internship

During my internship, I got to put my skills learnt through my undergraduate degree to test. I

was given the independence to write a radio script advert for the Zinthiya Trust and

helped to execute it.

I was also able to write a food review for Niche Magazine, which got published immediately, as well as research and write multiple blog posts, which inspired me to restart my personal blog.

I had to show responsibility, self-motivation, strong self-awareness and be deadline-driven while working at Cross Productions.

I collaboratively worked on projects with Kerry productively completing my work assignments

within a timeframe working in a team structure. I started to plan and organise written

work reports receiving constructive feedback from Kerry absorbing how to improve my


Kerry was extremely supportive throughout the internship as well as the whole leadership

team. I was given great opportunities such as interviewing the public and to help organise the

The support from the team

Working in a women-run company was a first to me, which was such an empowering

experience. The whole team at Cross production consists of strong women, who are very goal-driven. This experience was so great because the energy in the room was always top notch, motivating as well as inspiring me.

Having a supervisor like Kerry and a CEO like Jenny Cross is like a dream. You can really feel how they want you to grow as an individual, as well as help you to reach your goals. The whole team at Cross Productions was supportive throughout the six weeks of my internship and always presented new opportunities to me.

I formed a good relationship with supervisors gaining practical skills, workplace experience, and greater knowledge of the journalism industry.


Written by Levitha Biji

Levitha is a broadcast journalism graduate, currently studying MA International Media and Communication Studies at the University of Nottingham. Having lived in three countries and being fluent in three languages, she's passionate about global journalism. She's recently finished an internship with Niche Magazine and also runs her own blog, Levitha Mariam.


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