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Give a gift worth so much more than socks with refugee charity Choose Love

The charity's gift options make your Christmas shopping count.

Choose Love and buy a family a hot meal as a gift

The Choose Love Shop is where shoppers can buy essential supplies and life-saving interventions for refugees and displaced people.

This year, they’ve added three new products which will help refugees and displaced people survive the harsh winter.

For a Christmas gift which keeps on giving, shoppers can buy items in the names of their loved ones, and pick up a card in store to let them know.

The shop has gained support from celebrities such as Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Dawn O’Porter, Chris O'Dowd and Dermot O'Leary.

Not every shop around Carnaby Street can claim that everything it sells will change a life.

But for The Choose Love Shop, which sells essential supplies and life-changing interventions for refugees and displaced people around the world, that’s the truth.

Since bursting onto the charity Christmas gifting scene in 2016, the shop has dazzled shoppers with its unique offer to ‘shop ‘til you drop, and leave with nothing.’

Instead of wrapping another pair of socks to put beneath the tree, everything shoppers buy - from hot food, to emergency housing and more - will be given to refugees and asylum seekers, and they can be bought in the name of a loved one for a Christmas gift with even more love.

Since Choose Love began in 2015, it has helped almost four million refugees and displaced people, and worked in over 30 countries with grassroots organisations.

The Choose Love Shop, which makes it so easy to help those in need, has won support from the likes of Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Jameela Jamil and Michael Cain.

This year the refugee crisis has reached new records, with more than 100 million people estimated to be displaced worldwide.

Refugee's need help more than ever

The cost of food and fuel has increased globally and the invasion of Ukraine has displaced millions.

The charity has added new items to help address some of these crises such as Disability Support, Heating Fuel, and Evacuations.

All funds raised through their shop go to supporting displaced people from all over the world, including Afghanistan and Syria, as well as supporting the Ukraine Emergency Response, which the charity began earlier this year, now working with more than 70 organisations to help the people of Ukraine.

Give family and friends the gift of knowing they have helped others

Customers who want to give even more can select from the Bundle of Warmth and the Bundle of Love which combine vital essentials to make sure people are getting what they need most.

For the most enthusiastic shoppers, there’s even the option to purchase One of Everything, combining every single item in the shop and getting it to people who need it.

You never know who you might bump into at the shop with previous appearances from star-studded till clerks, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Carey Mulligan, a mannequin cameo from Noel Fielding, Lena Heady who served piping hot coffee to customers queuing to come in, and Sadiq Khan who cut the ribbon to open the shop’s doors.

The Choose Love Shop is always full of surprises, and has even displayed a Banksy sculpture in store overnight during 2018.

Dawn O’Porter, Co-founder and long-term supporter of the Choose Love Shop said: "The Choose Love Shop is now a staple of the festive period.

"Especially at the moment, while we’re all reading the newspapers every day and wondering what we can do to help, buying from the Choose Love Shop offers people something that can make a real, tangible difference."

Buy winter essentials for those who need it

Item examples:

Hot Food £15

A hot meal goes a long way. The reality for lots of people living in refugee camps is spending hours in a queue for low-quality food rations or going hungry. By buying this gift, you will provide people with a nutritious meal, or fresh produce to cook and share with their loved ones. £15 will typically provide food for a family for 3 days.

Choose Love and give a gift that they really want

Child’s coat £10

We all know the difference that a proper winter coat can make in freezing cold temperatures. This gift will make sure that a child has a warm, thick coat to keep them cosy.

For those who are unable to visit the London store, you can also shop online.


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