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Reviewed: A Korean kitchen hides inside Fosse Park Central Shopping Centre

Niche Magazine take a sneak peek inside Grounded Kitchen's new flagship restaurant.

A busy atmosphere outside of Grounded Kitchen, Fosse Park, Leicester.

Being the latest team member to Cross Productions editorial department, I was extremely excited to step into the shoes of a restaurant reviewer when I was invited to Grounded Kitchen’s soft launch event in Fosse Park.

The launch event

What better way to start the week with a healthy, well-nourished bowl of protein, fibre, carbs and vitamins to prepare you for the working day ahead?

I was welcomed by the creative director at Grounded Kitchen, Esme, who explained the recently revamped menu with the comeback of the buttery pancake stack. I also had the pleasure of meeting Instagram blogger, Charlotte, also known as, AboutLeicester.

Grounded Kitchen's new menu makes a comeback with their pancake stack.

The staff were nothing short of brilliant with their friendly and approachable customer service. Store manager, Hema Patel, went out of her way to show me how each nourished bowl is tailored to its unique levels of spice.

Behind the kitchen scene

Featuring a variety of Korean-inspired flavours, Grounded Kitchen’s recipe for food is simple yet nutritious - “imagination starts from the ground up.”

The base of each bowl begins with sticky white rice which is scooped with a Korean rice bowl. From there, I went behind the kitchen scene and created my own bowl in my very own Grounded Kitchen apron.

With a wide selection of chicken, beef, and prawns, I opted for the veggie options of baked tofu, soft sweet potatoes, spicy kimchi, seasoned edamame, fresh spinach, grated carrots, buttery avocado, and fried mushrooms, all packed with its unique set of flavours.

To finish my meal at Grounded Kitchen, I tired the Vitalise and Brain Power quenchers which acted as a palate cleanser with its fruity taste of berries, pineapples, and beetroot topped with coconut flakes, and granola. I'm not usually a smoothie fan but these drinks were surprisingly refreshing and light.

A healthy balance of a well-nutritious bowl and a refreshing cold drink made with coconut milk.

Their in-house sauces are inspired by Seoul and are at the very centre of their flavours. From spicy peanut sauce to chilli sauce, my bowl was seeped with flavoursome sauces and topped off with fresh garnish ranging from red chillies, sesame seeds, limes, spring onions, and coriander.

The artistic vibes behind Grounded Kitchen

Imagination doesn’t stop with the food at Grounded Kitchen. The restaurant was filled with creative ambience and Korean-style decor which featured a colourful mural from a local artist.

The paintings on the back wall were also beautifully inspired by South Korea's flag with its bold colours of blue and red.

Korean-inspired art is featured across the restaurant painted by local artists.

Art is at the heart of Grounded Kitchen with their use of imaginative food and creative restaurant decor. Walking throughout the restaurant, there are brightly coloured artificial trees hanging from the ceiling accompanied with red and warm yellow lanterns.

Esme explains the artistic values incorporated through food and paintings helps to bring a certain vibe to the restaurant like no other.

She even inspired me to use chopsticks for the first time! Esme insisted it adds more flavour to each bowl and she was right.

Polaroids were taken and goodie bags were gifted to invitees.

Whether you’re looking for a quick work lunch getaway or wanting to sit down at a table with family or friends, there are charging sockets available at low and high seated areas.

From indulging at Grounded Kitchen, I’ve learned that food is so much more than filling an empty stomach. Food should taste nutritious, healthy, and wholesome. Food is about keeping you grounded.


Written by Siddiqa Reininghaus

Siddiqa is a Feature Writer for Niche Magazine and Cross Productions with experience working as a journalist and copywriter. She enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix series.


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