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Leicester based luxury packaging provider helps to wrap up kindness this Christmas

Packaging provider for luxury retailers Delta Global from Leicester has teamed up with In Kind Direct to wrap up kindness this festive season.

Their Wrap Up Kindness campaign is aimed at collecting some of the most needed gifts this Christmas, and then distributing the items to those in need of them most.

In Kind Direct has so far distributed over 25,000 orders to over 3,000 charitable organisations across the UK, benefiting around 174,000 people a week.

The charitable campaign has already amassed pledges of stock from corporate partners, including Carex, Andrex, Cif, Always and L’Oréal, amongst others.

In order to get these items out to charities and reach the individuals and families in need, they require packaging - where Delta Global have stepped in to help.

Speaking on the partnership, Robert Lockyer, CEO and founder of Delta Global, explains that the appeal is the perfect way to give back after a difficult year for all.

Robert said: “It goes without saying that everyone has faced some degree of a struggle this year. But, as a business, we recognise that we have been more fortunate than others, so feel it’s only right to be giving back.

“Wrap Up Kindness presents the perfect way to do that, which is why we have offered to supply cartons for the essential gift items to be placed in when being sent out for delivery.

“Of course, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and keeping people safe is a top priority. This goes for both those working on the ground to ensure this project crosses the line, as well as those being provided with items for their safety and wellbeing this Christmas.

“So, as well as cartons, we have also pledged to supply the warehouse team with face masks.”

With Delta Global’s full support, In Kind Direct has launched a direct appeal to the packaging industry, seeking help with the supply of cartons, packaging tape, black shrink wrap for machine wrapping pallets, foam wrap and bin and rubble bags.

Rosanne Gray, Chief Executive at In Kind Direct explains the reason for the appeal:

“Packaging supply is vital in our line of work. Although, it’s often the aspect that gets overlooked the most.

“The combination of the events of this year and the continued support from our corporate partners has resulted in 2020 being the busiest 12 months in our 24-year history. Whilst we’re grateful for the growth, as it has meant we’ve been able to help more people than ever before, this can only continue if we have the means and materials to get our items out there.

“So, our question to packaging providers is, we have the gifts, can you provide the packaging?”


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