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Leicester play centre launches scheme to encourage more family time for local workforces

Families can reconnect with the new employee scheme.

Kids play centre 360 Play now has a corporate rewards scheme for local companies to benefit their staff.

Recent statistics from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) suggest that 67% of UK employees are looking to their employers to offer a solution to improve their work-life balance, whilst 77% say that the most important thing to them post-pandemic is spending time with their families.

There have been concerns raised about the lack of social interaction that children growing up during coronavirus lockdowns experienced and this is one potential explanation for the recent shift in values that companies like 360 Play have seen amongst visiting parents.

As a result, many companies are now looking for innovative ways to offer incentives and corporate benefits packages that go beyond the member of staff, but also fulfil this increasingly common desire to strive towards benefits that will impact wider families as well.

The entertainment group that looks after 360 Play has launched its scheme due to increasing requests from local employers, looking for unique family-friendly benefits to provide to their staff.

Founder and managing director of 360 Play, Duncan Phillips, says, “We have all come to realise just how important in-person contact is for the wellbeing of children and parents in recent times.

"At 360 Play, we strongly believe in the value of settings where people can meet up, learn and rediscover the joys of playing together in person.

This latest initiative is our way of connecting work with play, allowing local employers to attend our centres with their teams and their families to reconnect, or just have a bit of a thank you from the boss.

"The visitors we welcome as part of workplace trips and rewards often give glowing feedback on the experience, as do the employers, who find this encourages workforces to remain connected, focused and feeling like a valued member of the company.”

360 Play is an activity and entertainment complex for children aged 0-12 years old. The company now provides an exclusive offering of discounted tickets and passes for employers, as demand for family-focused benefits continues to grow.


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