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New tenants have exciting plans for Home Farm

The 270-acre organic farm is located in Loughborough.

Located just outside of Loughborough, Home Farm forms part of the historic Paget Estate.

Just shy of 270-acres, the farm has been let to Marie and Chris Bond by the estate owner, Joanna Herbert-Stepney.

Marie and Chris both grew up locally in Loughborough and lead tenant Marie has spent most of her life working on farms.

Chris also runs a local agricultural service offering fencing, hedge laying and paddock maintenance.

An organic mixed farm, Home Farm rears Longhorn cattle, Polled Forest and Lleyn Sheep.

Mather Jamie is a specialist land development and property consultancy that manages the Paget Estate.

A member of Mather Jamie team, Amy Biddell, said: “Chris and Marie have great ideas for the future of Home Farm so it’s great to welcome such forward-thinking young organic tenants to the Paget Estate. We wish them well in their new farming venture.”

Marie Bond said: “Home Farm is such a special place and I feel extremely lucky to have been given such a great opportunity.

"We feel very grateful to have a landlord that cares so much and encourages and champions organic farming.”

Estate owner Joanna Herbert-Stepney added: “Home Farm is in beautiful countryside, but it’s not an easy terrain to run. Marie’s doing a great job – it’s organic and full of animals and life. I’m proud to have her as a tenant.”

The couple's exciting plans

The couple plans to sell natural crafts such as a new organic CPD certified soap line, which will be sold on the Home Farm website, in local businesses and at the pop-up farm shop during open days.

An outbuilding is in the process of being renovated into a multi-functioning space for hire for with a wide range of activities, from crafting to corporate meetings and events.

Plans to recommence beekeeping courses as well as taster sessions for people wanting to give it a try.

The possibility of rearing goats for meat and milk and Marie is considering planting an orchard for meat birds.

Loughborough Naturalists are also in the process of conducting a three-year study of the native flora and fauna.

It is hoped the study will help to document and raise awareness of the local wildlife, to help understand the diverse landscape and how this is changing over time.


Written by Aimee Culverhouse

Currently interning for Niche Magazine, Aimee is keen to grow her portfolio in journalism whilst studying her Master’s degree at De Montfort University, in Fashion Management with Marketing. She enjoys writing about upcoming events, sustainable fashion and retail.


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