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Reviewed: The Owl Who Came for Christmas at Curve

A festive performance of a much-loved story classic.

The Owl who came for Christmas is a delight at The Curve

The Owl Who Came for Christmas at Curve Theatre in Leicester is a wholesome and heart-warming Christmas show for children. With zero jump scares, this delightful production is perfect for young children who want to experience a cosy and festive theatre experience.

The narrative follows a family's efforts to save Rosie, a puppet owl character, inspired by a true story, who yearns for the forest. Rosie is joined by a trio of friendly festive animals, the reindeer, the fox, and the squirrel, who help her on her journey.

It's a story of togetherness and Christmas values that the whole family can enjoy. The show is directed by Cara Nolan and adapted for the stage by Curve’s Creative Programmes Practitioner Chandni Mistry.

Perfect family fun at Curve

It is a one-hour theatre experience perfect for families, with no interval, so be sure to get your snacks and toilet breaks in first.

The incorporation of cheerful songs and calm characters keeps the children engaged, making it an enjoyable experience for all, I didn't once need to offer my youngest any form of distraction - she was fully engaged from the start.

The show is suitable for children aged 3 and above, but it is a performance that any young child can access. Parents and adults will also enjoy the show's slapstick humour, particularly with Bruce and Lee's daft antics.

Join Rosie the owl on her journey at Curve

The absence of any scary scenes ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for toddlers, and a perfect theatre option for SEMH or SEND children, supported by all performances being ‘relaxed performances.’

The show concludes with a post-show experience where children can enter a charming grotto adorned with festive decorations to meet Rosie, the Owl. This thoughtful addition is a welcoming touch and is included with the ticket. Children are also provided with a high-quality colouring book, which is a lovely touch that my daughters loved.

Overall, The Owl Who Came for Christmas at Curve Theatre is a delightful production that captures the spirit of the value of Christmas and togetherness.

The touching scenes will evoke genuine emotions in both children and adults, making it a perfect theatre experience for the whole family before Christmas and beyond.

Performances are running up until the January 6 2024 – with the exception of Christmas Day (Rosie and friends need a rest!).


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