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Reviewed: A warm retreat on a cold day at Ardencote Hotel and Spa

A writer relaxes at 4* Spa in Warwickshire.

Ardencote Spa and Hotel in Warwickshire.

As I opened the curtains to the snowy scene last week, I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure if my planned Spring Spa Day at Ardencote, Warwickshire would happen – the roads looked slightly worrying.

However, after planning my route carefully, I decided it looked safe enough and clear so myself and my partner Jeremy packed our swimming things and books and set off.

Ardencote Hotel and Spa is independently owned, four-star and nestled in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. It combines the feel of being away from it all with its luxury facilities. The snowy weather accentuated this feeling of escape perfectly.

We had opted for the Spring Awakening Day Spa Package which included access to the spa destination area, a treatment and a light lunch.

Ardencote's warm indoor pool

Our treatment appointment was as we arrived and we were greeted warmly with a robe, towel and slippers, which were ours to use for the day. I for one looove be able to ditch clothes for a robe all day long, even at lunch!

I enjoyed a very lovely and aptly named back massage which was exactly what I needed after a rather stressful drive in the ice – my shoulders were pretty tense.

Sublime back massage at Ardencote

After this, I wandered down to the indoor swimming pool area, locked my phone away and got my book out (a total pleasure in itself!) and sat poolside reading for a while before sampling the steam room adjacent. My partner hit the gym (I most definitely didn't!).

Soon it was lunchtime and upon arriving to the brasserie, we were presented with a menu to choose from.

The food was delicious, I’ll admit I was ever so slightly concerned that the light lunch menu might be ever so slightly too ‘light’ (aka small), but it really wasn’t! It was lovely, beautifully cooked and presented too.

Then it was time to hit the destination spa. The spa was really lovely with thermal facilities and relaxation lounges as well as an outdoor pool and hot tub.

The outdoor hot tub was a real highlight. We relaxed in the large warm tub with the snow falling and the temperature mix creating a lovely steam from the water - it was magical.

Outdoor hot tub at Ardencote

The aromatherapy steam room was a personal favourite too whilst the outdoor sauna, which boasted a large window enabling views across the countryside, created a nice feeling of enjoying the benefits of a sauna without the sometimes cupboard-like feeling that a sauna can create.

Ardencote's Outdoor Sauna with views

There are relaxing touches everywhere with flavoured water and warm spaces to unwind.

I would highly recommend Ardencoat. When I visit again, I will be sure to book into a room for the night too, just to really relax fully. The rooms looked like pure luxury and once there and in my robe, I would have loved to have enjoyed the retreat feel for just a little bit longer… next time!


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