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Reviewed: Call the Midwife Tour

My name is Emily Miller and I am a big Call the Midwife fan.

Tour Guide in authentic Call the Midwife Costume including a red cardigan and hate with blue nurses outfit, she's pointing to the right, mid-talk and is holding a Call the Midwife photo album
Tour Guide in authentic Call the Midwife Costume

When I heard about The Call the Midwife Official Location Tour at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, I knew I had to take my mum along for a day out.

The tour offers fans of the hit series an opportunity to explore the real filming locations at the Dockyard and immerse themselves in the world of the show.

Created in collaboration with Neal Street Productions, the tour is the only one of its kind in the world.

Call the Midwife is a British television drama series that is produced by Neal Street Productions for the BBC.

The show is set in the East End of London during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and it follows the lives of a group of midwives working in the impoverished Poplar district.

Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, who was a nurse and midwife in the area, the show explores various social and medical issues of the time, highlighting the challenges faced by both the midwives and the community they serve.

Memorabilia and trinkets stacked on a shelf in the Call the Midwife gift shop
The gift shop had plenty of things for Call the Midwife fans

The show provides a compassionate and insightful portrayal of childbirth and women's healthcare during that era.

It touches upon topics such as poverty, women's rights, religion, and the changing dynamics of society.

Known for its strong ensemble cast, emotional storylines, and historical accuracy.

Call the Midwife has been praised for its sensitive handling of sensitive subjects and its ability to tackle difficult topics with empathy and authenticity, nearly every episode makes me cry!

It was a strikingly hot summer’s day when we attended the tour, the kind that had us seeking shade at all opportunity, but our costumed midwife tour guide was very good about combining the stops along the way with shadier spots.

We started with a look around the ships at the dock. The entrance is included in the tour price and followed with a cream tea at the café.

A cream tea scone and jam with a tea pot on a silver tray on a wooden table with lots of other tables and chairs in the background. Bluebells decorate the table in a woven pot
A lovely cream tea before our walking tour

The walking tour allowed us visitors the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of beloved characters like Nurse Trixie Franklin, Sister Julienne, and Dr. Turner.

We got to explore the cobbled streets and buildings that represent the fictional neighbourhood of Poplar, as well as iconic locations such as the Grosvenor Hotel and 'Chummy's Hill,' where Nurse Noakes famously learned to ride her bike.

Throughout the tour, a picture book was provided to help trigger memories and showcase how Neal Street Productions transform the 400-year-old Chatham Dockyard into the vibrant setting of East London.

The highlight of the experience for us was the exclusive Call the Midwife exhibition, featuring sets, props, and costumes from the show. One of the things I love about the show is the accuracy with set and costume design so this aspect was particularly great for me.

A set from Call the Midwife with laundry hanging from the ceiling, an old bicycle, an old fashioned pram, a metal bin, and storage boxes in the corner
The Call the Midwife tour set design was wonderful

For fans of the show, I can highly recommend the tour - it makes for a great day out. We discovered areas where new scenes were shot for the upcoming series too, which will be great fun to spot when we settle down with a cuppa and tissues in hand come January.

The tour runs until October 29 and you can book tickets at


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