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Reviewed: Sister Act (touring) at Curve 2024

Sister Act is back at Curve after its last touring visit to Leicester two years ago.

With a fresh cast, Sister Act: A Divine Musical Comedy is showing at Curve until Saturday, February 10, before they take up residency at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End.


Starring Lori Haley Fox as Mother Superior alongside West End star Landi Oshinowo as Deloris Van Cartier, Sister Act is set in Philadelphia 50s soul scene.


We first meet Deloris when she’s auditioning for the chance to perform at a nightclub owned by her married bad guy boyfriend Curtis Jackson (Ian Gareth-Jones).

Landi Oshinowo 'Deloris Van Cartier' and Company. Photo Mark Senior

After witnessing him murder someone, she’s placed under protective custody and hidden in a convent to live life temporarily as a nun. Undercover disguises, high stakes and big personalities – it’s a classic comedy recipe.


The set, no different from our 2022 review of Sister Act at Curve, centres around a wondrously technical stained-glass archway with lighting effects that transform a quiet lifeless abbey into a stunning colourful spectacle.


An endearing bunch of nuns welcome Deloris into their lives, all apart from Fox’s beautifully unyielding Mother Superior who thinks she’s bad news.


As a signer, Deloris can’t resist musically directing the of key, out of touch choir, which leads to one of the best numbers of the show, ‘Raise Your Voice’, an uplifting, character building scene that’s toe-tappingly infectious.

Their hard work results in a fabulous rendition of ‘Take Me to Heaven’ with the sweetest and most energetic choreography by Alistair David, again brimming with non-stop characterful performances.


Elouise Runnette’s Sister Mary Robert is the most perfect I’ve seen yet. Played with the most delicate charm and magnificent voice, Runnette has set the bar for all future Roberts.


Mary Patrick (Isabell Canning) is joyously enthusiastic and a character hard to take your eyes off – a scene stealer without even trying to! Meanwhile Sister Mary Lazarus (Julie Stark) and rocks that rap like it was written just for her! Stark is another actor who you love to watch even when she’s not in the spotlight.

Alfie Parker 'Eddie Souther' and Company. Photo Mark Senior

‘Steady’ Eddie Souther (Alfie Parker) pulls off the funniest number ‘I Could Be That Guy’. Besides Parker’s smooth vocals and natural wit, much of the hilarity is thanks to the ensemble setting the stage and assisting Eddie in his movement around the office. And that on stage quick change… perfection!

Bad guy Curtis’s loyal followers TJ (Elliot Gooch), Pablo (Michalis Antoniou) and Joey (Callum Martin) had a blast with the much anticipated ‘When I Find My Baby’, which had the audience in a constant fit of giggles. A priceless performance!

Ian Gareth-Jones 'Curtis Jackson' and Company. Photo Mark Senior

And to top it all off, we’re blessed with a Deloris who’s belt is so powerful, she takes us to heaven and lures us back down for the finale so we don’t get FOMO when the standing ovation and dancing in the aisles follows.


Featuring original music by Tony® and eight-time Oscar® award-winner Alan Menken and songs inspired by Motown, soul and disco, Sister Act is the perfect remedy to anyone who’s had a dull start to the year.


See Sister Act at Curve until Saturday, February 10 before it heads back to the West End.


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