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A reasonable bite: our top eateries for Leicester students

Did your favourite pub make the list?

Students love a good bite to eat. The prices and travel, however, not so much.

Luckily, Leicester offers restaurants that tick all the boxes for students. From vegan-friendly to cheap and convenient and easy to access, Leicester really does have it all.

Bru Coffee and Gelato

Bru Coffee and Gelato Leicester

A Sweet Treat

Bru’s coffee and desserts are the perfect way to satisfy those sweet cravings. Luxe out with an Oreo crushed cookie dough. The decadent chocolate sauce perfectly accentuates the cookie dough of dreams. At £7.45 it is worth every penny. It doesn’t stop there though. For those feeling savoury, you may choose a perfectly melted cheese or crisp bacon bagel. The take-out option means you have the choice of where you eat, maybe a local park to sit back after a long day of getting to grips with the campus or writing your dissertation.

Soar Point Pub

Soar Point Leicester

Chill at all times

Soar Point exceeds in offering ‘warm and good vibes’ previous students claim. Located directly outside De Montfort University, this pub is the perfect spot for students who are looking for an easily accessible chilled spot. The flexible hours mean students can sit and revise with a coffee from 11am. They can even have a few too many cocktails to blow off some steam up until 12am. At only £25, the ideal bottomless brunch means you can drink as much as you want for 90 minutes (of course we don't encourage this!). As well as enjoying a meal on the side overlooking the River Soar.

The Blackbird

The Blackbird Leicester

Enjoy more for less!

For those who are looking to save a penny or two, the Blackbird Pub may be more up your street. Extending two meals for only £10, you and a friend can indulge in a rich beef (or vegetarian) and red wine lasagne each. Being a six-minute walk from the DMU and a 10-minute walk from University of Leicester, this pub is a dream for students. The quality of the food is just the cherry on top.

Gyro Express

Gyro Express Leicester

Good food on the go

Busier students living near to the DMU campus may be more drawn to Gyro Express. This take-out restaurant offers a taste of Greece right here in Leicester. Or sit in with a mixed grill. You and three friends can revise while enjoying the exquisite pittas, fresh gyro shavings and more for only £35. Or equally, indulge in a chicken gyro to yourself at only £7.95.

The Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice Leicester

Happy hour means happy student

The Merchant of Venice is not shy when offering out happy hour on cocktails every day. History exudes from this restaurant with its inspiration being the first ever coffee shop in Piazza San Marco. From Shakespeare to cocktails, the Merchant really does offer everything. From 2.30pm to 5.30pm, all cocktails are buy-one-get-one-free. This is the perfect opportunity for students to relax after a stressful day of study.

Strapped for cash? Simply just enjoy the walk to any of these top student spots to hide from the missing assignments you are yet to complete.

Have we missed your favourite bar off this list? Let us know in the comments.


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