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Why your brand needs to change

Branding is for life, not just the here and now, but it goes way beyond your logo

The last few months have given us time to reflect and plan. For some this has meant starting up the business they always dreamed of, and for others, they’ve realised where they can improve and grow. In both situations, the business plan ultimately beings with the values and motivations of the owner.

Amit Chandrasingh, Managing Director of marketing agency Freeline Creative, believes this is the best place to start when finding a company’s voice and identity. He said: “To me, branding is about the owner’s vision and understanding what they want. It’s an identity, something people recognise as a service or product available to them.

“When you dive down into the company’s owner and what their company means to them and where they see it going, you tend to find out the true values of a brand. It’s essential to understand that. It’s then possible to market the brand to fit the owner’s ambitions.”

There’ll be plenty of business owners who have worries about their future after the lockdown. Lots of them will have been planning away at their next moves. But if you’ve felt paralysed during this time, not knowing what to do, don’t worry. Amit says there is no perfect time to start evolving your business.


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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