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Your round-up of Leicestershire's 2024 festivals

From rock music to opera, beer, food, drink, and Pride.

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Leicester is set to enjoy a packed summer of festival fun

This writer loves a festival, music ones predominantly, but I am moving towards seeking any festival out for a weekend of fun with my family and I am pleased to report that there’s set to be a real summer of festival fun here in Leicester and Leicestershire in 2024.

Coming up over the next few months, there are festivals for lovers of rock, classical, opera and electronic music, food and drink and many more - maybe see you there!

A few of the highlights of the festivals taking place in the city and county this year include:

June 1-26

Nevill Holt Opera Theatre

Nevill Holt is proud to welcome a lineup of internationally renowned artists to Leicestershire for the inaugural Nevill Holt Festival with opera performances, classical music, theatre, art, jazz and contemporary music, alongside conversations with leading novelists, historians, broadcasters and artists.

June 14-16

Donington Park Circuit

Download Festival is the home of rock and takes place on the sacred grounds of Donington Park, which have been associated with rock since the '80s. The event attracts giants of rock and metal to its main stage, plus some of the hottest new acts.

July 4-6

Abbey Pumping Station

The Leicester Beer Festival is the biggest and best celebration of real ale in the region.

July 6

Victoria Park

Leicester’s own indie combo headline their own Summer Solstice event, playing tried-and-tested piledriving electro-rock anthems.

August 3

This year Promises several new additions. Following the parade to Victoria Park there will be four performance areas, Soca Village, troupe's performance area, funfair and new for 2024 will be a children’s village.

August 10-11

Abbey Park

Set to be the biggest food event of the year, the Leicester Food Festival will be making its debut this August, creating a paradise for food and drink lovers.

August 17-18

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

This two-day event attracts thousands of visitors, re-enactors and traders from across the UK featuring battle re-enactments by the combined forces of the Wars of the Roses Federation, including The Battle of Bosworth as the finale on both days.

August 13

Victoria Park

Leicester Pride is Leicester’s annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) festival.



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