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Charities bringing communities back on track during Covid-19

Wrap up of charities in 2021.

Once more, 2021 saw us face one more year of challenges and vulnerabilities as the Coronavirus kept on unleashing ruin across the world.

In spite of these difficulties, it was invigorating to see various organisations and networks meet up to help each other. They offered fundamental help to those out of luck, especially in Leicester.

Supporting local communities

And leading providers of electrical installations, LED, and experiential lighting solutions, Ventola Projects, was just one of the businesses that excelled in its continued support of local communities and groups in trying times.

Mick Ventola of Ventola Projects

Speaking to Mick, he said: “As a proud member of the Leicestershire community, I felt it was my duty to not only promote the fantastic local businesses within the area, but also ensure communities and individuals felt supported.”

Mick and the team at Ventola Projects have worked with a wide range of charities. The company has supported many local causes and continue to work closely with such groups and organisations as we battle to overcome the pandemic.

Supporting people in need

Ventola Projects performed a wide range of activities, both to raise money for, and directly support, people in need.

For example, assisting the elderly and those at home alone who are unable to get out and about, as well as local and national youth organisations.

In a moment of reflection for the past year, Mick commented: “I hope that with the support of my team, we can continue to contribute to the local Leicester community and the wider area.”


Written by Levitha Biji

Levitha is a broadcast journalism graduate, currently studying MA International Media and Communication Studies at the University of Nottingham. Having lived in three countries and being fluent in three languages, she's passionate about global journalism. She's recently finished an internship with Niche Magazine and also runs her own blog, Levitha Mariam.


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