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Cool As Leicester launches Leicester Merch Aid

Cool As Leicester is delighted to announce the launch of Leicester Merch Aid, which has been set up in a bid to raise funds for local independent businesses during Covid-19

Cool As Leicester set about pairing up independent businesses with local designers in order to create a range of special edition t-shirts (or other merchandise items). Through the platform businesses can have their own branded merch items for sale and know that profits will be paid directly back to them, with no hassle of stock handling, production or shipping. For every t-shirt that is sold you'll be supporting a local independent business. Profits go straight back to the business in question (with a small % for the talented designers too), so through purchasing an item you can rest assured that your money will go towards helping them bounce back after the pandemic, as well as supporting Leicester's creative talent pool.  It was important to Cool As Leicester to keep all aspects of the project within Leicestershire, and this has been achieved through partnering with Penny Crayon Custom Clothing, based in Loughborough, for all printing and handling. 

Dan Creasy, Creative Director at Penny Crayon Custom Clothing in Loughborough, commented: "As a Leicestershire based business we’re delighted to be involved in the Leicester Merch Aid project. We’re proud of the quality of products that we produce here at Penny Crayon Custom Clothing and this coupled with the excellent local design work will hopefully mean a lot of money is raised to support a range of local independents through what is a very difficult time.” Alongside the independent merch is a small range of Cool As Leicester branded items. Cool As Leicester is Leicestershire's largest online magazine and through purchasing any of these items you're helping them to continue being able to support independent business and big up everything great about Leicestershire. 

Gabby Miller, Editor of Cool As Leicester, added: “I wanted to do something to support independent businesses and a reader of the site approached us about a t-shirt design. From there I started to match up businesses with designers and it was amazing to see how much everyone was still so keen to collaborate and work on a new project. Profits from the t-shirts go back to the businesses and designers involved so it’s a lovely way for people to support independent and grab themselves a cool t-shirt in the process.”

T-shirts from businesses including Bru, Caddyshackers, Crafty Burger, Crafty Sew & So, East Street Lanes, The Soundhouse, Very Bazaar, West End Brewery are on sale now, with more additions to come.

For any independent businesses that may be interested in getting involved, click here.


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