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Gift of the Gab performers to raise money for LAMP this weekend

All money raised goes to LAMP and guests get a free t-shirt.

Leicester musician Kiz will be at The Y Theatre this Saturday hosting Gift of the Gab, a performance based around mental health.

Musicians and spoken word performers will speak up about their mental health through live performances - utilising their 'gift of the gab', if you will.

The event will raise funds for LAMP (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project) and has been organised by Kiz himself and creative agency Rock Kitchen Harris.

"It’s wonderful to have the event named ‘Gift of the Gab’ because it is indeed a gift we can all give."

Kiz said: “Mental health issues aren’t something that should be taken lightly. In some form we’ve all experienced it, whether it be stress and anxiety, sadness or just feeling lost in general.

"We all need to be reminded that when it comes to facing this hurdle, you’re not alone and that there are people around you to speak to and get advice from. “I hope people who attend this event will be able to see how vital it is to make sure we remind not only ourselves, but also those around us, that they aren’t the problem and that they don’t need to deal with this challenge on their own.”

There will be live spoken word performances, a panel discussion, and hot food and drink from Leicester’s Caribbean Xpress.

Those attending will receive a Gift of the Gab t-shirt on entry with all profits raised going straight to LAMP. Matthew Barton, Community Engagement Manager at LAMP, said: “We offer our sincerest thanks to Kiz and the team for organising this event to raise funds for LAMP and increase awareness of mental health in our community.

"A simple thing we can all do to help each other is talk so it’s wonderful to have the event named ‘Gift of the Gab’ because it is indeed a gift we can all give. “We all need to use our voice more and that’s what LAMP empowers people to do. We hope this event empowers people to do the same and raises much-needed funds to help continue our vital advocacy work in the community.” Gift of the Gab takes place at The Y Theatre from 5pm until 7pm on Saturday, January 28.

Tickets cost only £6.50. Secure your place on Event Brite.


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