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Reviewed: Afternoon Tea at The Station Master, Loughborough

The poppy-seeded sausage rolls were a hit.

Loughborough's The Station Master Reviewed
Loughborough's The Station Master Reviewed

It' s no secret that I am rather partial to afternoon tea, so when myself and my partner Jason decided to take ourselves to The Station Master's Restaurant in Loughborough I was more than excited.

Katie Brennan reviews The Station Master
Katie Brennan reviews The Station Master

The restaurant is situated next to the train track in Loughborough where we could enjoy the rare and wonderful sight of steam trains chugging past whilst sipping on a brew.

The decor is perfectly fitting with pretty exposed brick walls and arches.

Being a tea drinker in a BIG way, I am quite the tea connoisseur but to my relief so too are the team at The Station's Master.

The tea was perfectly brewed and served in a very large teapot - more than enough for two people and yet ideal for a four-cup girl like me.

The food to was a total delight, I especially liked the sausage rolls that were served warm and finished with poppy seeds.

We enjoyed a huge selection of sandwiches with carved ham, watercress, whole-grain mustard, free range egg and cress mayonnaise, cream cheese, chive, and cucumber.

Then for the sweet stuff we of course had tasty scones with extra cream and jam as well as macaroons, frosted carrot and walnut cake, chocolate orange brownies a lovely little crumble and a salted wild berry bavarois.

It was all scrumptious.

The service was brilliant. Our waitress was very attentive and friendly and we had a lovely time enjoying all the many cups of tea and tasty treats.

It felt like a lovely retreat for a little while! Highly recommend.


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