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Reviewed: The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern

I went along to try their new Dream Big Package for a blissful night’s sleep.

The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern
The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern

By the time we pulled up to The Cottage in the Wood, in the Malvern hills I was ready for a relaxing time.

At the close of a busy half term, the very idea of a night away in total relaxation was nothing short of thrilling. Knowing I was checking in for the hotel’s Big Dream Package with my partner - we were expecting and delighting in the idea of a well-earned rest.

After checking in and commenting on the amazing views, the receptionist handed me keys and said: “Wait until you see the views from your room!” Well, he wasn’t wrong. Sweeping scenery of the Severn Valley from the bed and roll top bath as far as you could see were truly breathtaking.

The Cottage in the Woods, Malvern
Rooms at The Coach House have breathtaking views

The décor at The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern, is very cool indeed.

As music fans, we loved spotting at all the nods to musical greats around the hotel in the artwork. And the vintage record player in the room with carefully selected records was a particularly nice touch.

On our bed, we found added extras including a fully organic Sleep Kit from Bramley, filled with oil infused lavender, yarrow and chamomile pillow spray, a reusable eye mask exclusively designed by Molly Mahon, and earplugs to ensure a quiet night, as well as silk pillowcases lauded for improved sleep quality.

A ‘top tips for better sleep’ booklet with expert advice to promote healthy sleep.

The Cottage in the Woods, Malvern
A bedroom for an amazing night's sleep at The Cottage in the Wood

We popped on a record while we got ready for dinner.

After a soak in the roll top bath with views across the hills from the window and a quick change of clothes, we strolled a mere 200 metres to the hotel’s bar.

We sipped on some fizz before heading next door to the 1919 restaurant for a seven-course tasting menu.

The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern
The hotel bar features some great interior designs

Our table was perfectly positioned in the window ensuring we still had that spectacular view as the sun went down.

Typically, I'm someone who loves to view a menu before heading to a restaurant. But, I resisted here to be presented with head chef Rob Mason’s ever-changing menu as a surprise!

The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern, 1919 restaurant
Our table at the hotel's 1919 restaurant

A true masterclass followed.

We were presented with a taste bud journey which saw us enjoy tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, a stunning crab dish from Cornwall matched with melon and avocado.

 The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern1919 restaurant
Incredible food at The Cottage in the Woods, Malvern

We also enjoyed lamb from the Cotswolds with wild garlic and smoked almond, and salmon with English peas and vermouth.

Finally, they presented us with cheese with truffle honey on fruit loaf, strawberry with meringue and sorbet, and a chocolate banana rum caramel dream.

I would like to add here that this food journey and service was incredible.

The Cottage in the Woods, Malvern, 1919 Restaurant
Poached Salmon and Vermous Sauce at the 1919 restaurant

A showcase of some of the best food I have ever eaten by a chef that clearly puts his heart and soul into his creations.

It felt like we were witnessing gastronomic artistry yet with very generous portions and a sense of occasion without any of the ego or pretense.

We just about made it to the bar area to finish our delicious bottle of red before heading back for one of the best night's sleep we have had in a long time.

The Cottage in the Woods, Malvern 1919 restaurant
Cotswold Lamb rump was just one of the seven courses

Incredible food, wine, surroundings, staff and silk pillowcases to complete!

I like to leave the curtains open for the morning sunrise, but I missed it due to deep slumber!

Breakfast was an equally tasty choice of full English with vegetarian options as well as granolas and eggs in all the ways.

The cottage in the woods, malvern, 1919 restaurant breakfast
Breakfast used local ingredients for exceptional taste

As a coffee lover (snob) I would have loved the addition of a coffee machine in our room and the option of a stronger coffee at breakfast, but that’s just me and maybe caffeine ought not be part of the better sleep package.

Hotel owner Nick Davies said of the package: “With three quarters of Brits getting less than eight hours sleep a night, our new sleep package is designed to give our guests the best possible experience of rejuvenation during their stay at The Cottage in the Wood Malvern.

The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern

“From deep comfortable beds to the fresh air and stunning views, we are confident that they will leave feeling fully revitalised.”

And I can vouch for that – we felt like we had been away on holiday, not a short 16 hours and the whole experience really was a total dream.

The Big Dream Package starts from £449 for one night’s accommodation in a Best Room or Great Room. It includes the Sleep Kit, silk pillowcases, selected sleep records and expert ‘top tips for better sleep’, a seven-course tasting menu dinner, and breakfast the next morning.

For more information or to book, please call 01684 588 860 or visit


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