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Midlands jeweller offers money back for a White Christmas

Customers will receive their money back if snow falls on Lumbers' roof on Christmas Day.

Owner Dominic Gomersall will NOT be dreaming of a White Christmas.
Owner Dominic Gomersall will NOT be dreaming of a White Christmas

If you're buying jewellery this year, you'll be dreaming of a white Christmas. If snow falls on the roof of Lumbers in Leicester this Christmas Day, everyone will get their money back.

Technically speaking, the Met Office says that 2021 was the last white Christmas in the UK with 6% of stations recording snow falling.

If even one snowflake falls above the jeweller on Leicester’s High Street between 11am and 1pm this December 25, it will trigger an avalanche of cash for customers who bought jewellery, watches or other items between November 9 and December 10.

There’s no limit on how much a customer can hope to get back. Lumbers sells diamond jewellery with price tags up to £200,000 and watches that top £80,000.

But with prices starting from £100, the dream of exceptionally seasonal good cheer is for everyone.

And it's not just the customers who can shop at Lumbers in person who are eligible. The promise is also available to online shoppers – pre-owned items are the only ones not included.

The Lumbers team at the Leicester High Street jeweller.
The Lumbers team at the Leicester High Street jeweller.

The jeweller, who is not dreaming of a white Christmas, is Dominic Gomersall, the third generation to lead the family business since his grandfather Horace bought the original shop in 1918, some 37 years after it was established in 1881.

"I’m going to be nervously checking the weather apps in the run up to Christmas," said Dominic.

"Then watching the sky on Christmas morning. Everyone else will be singing ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’.

"The bookies have been shortening the odds on a white Christmas thanks to the long-range weather forecasts.

"We like to think buying a gift or two at Lumbers in the next few weeks is a much better bet than going to the bookmakers.

"If one snowflake falls on our store in that two-hour window on Christmas Day, our customers will be quids in and they get to keep their jewellery and watches.

"If it doesn’t snow, they’ve lost nothing and still have some beautiful gifts to give to their loved ones."

Alongside watches from prestige makers such as Breitling, Omega, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Breguet, Hublot and Longines and jewellery by Chopard, Faberge, Gucci, Mattioli and Georg Jensen, Lumbers also stocks the lifestyle brands Lalique, Montblanc, Cross and many more.

There is no limit to how much customers can spend – but they can’t return their purchases after a snowless Christmas Day for a refund. They can still exchange or get a credit note for unwanted gifts.

Full details and, if it does snow, how to claim can be found online.

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